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Champagne sales in Celles-sur-Ource – Our cuvées : brut champagne, pink champagne, vintage...

As harvesting handling, the House Huguenot-Tassin offers champagne sales in Celles-sur-Ource on its domain. Discover our champagne cuvées: brut champagne, pink champagne, special and vintage cuvées, excellency products of high fineness.

Our range for individuals

Tradition cuvée

Maison Huguenot-Tassin – Celles-sur-Ource - Nos cuvées A pleasure champagne, fresh, fruity and round.

The high fineness and structure of our Pinots Noirs are underlined by the roundness and freshness of the rare Pinot Blanc.

Its citrus and fresh white fruits aromas are a pleasure for every occasion.

Assembly :

  • Pinot noir
  • Pinot blanc

Reserve cuvée

Maison Huguenot-Tassin – Celles-sur-Ource - Nos cuvées3-4 bottle rearing years have enabled this blend of the best wines from the 3 vines: Pinot Blanc, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, to acquire structure, length in mouth and complexity.

Its personality and toast aromas, as well as honey and flowers, allow it to be a delight for aperitif or during a meal.

Assembly :

  • Chardonnay
  • Pinot noir
  • Pinot blanc

*Disponible en bouteille, demi-bouteille et magnum

The Fioles

Maison Huguenot-Tassin – Celles-sur-Ource - Nos cuvées“Les Fioles” is a perfectly exposed country providing the grapes that are cultivated there the necessary quality for the development of a great champagne. Chardonnay and Pinot Blanc composing this cuvée come exclusively from this country. Only one crop year but no vintage, for a champagne reflecting the fineness of its terroir. The citrus and white fruits freshness with the floral scents will color your aperitifs.

Assembly :

  • Chardonnay from the “Fioles” country (80%)
  • Pinot Blanc from the “Fioles” country (20%)

The pink Fioles

Maison Huguenot-Tassin – Celles-sur-Ource - Nos cuvéesAn only country, an only year and a quality concession free work give this maceration rosé its unique personality. The character of each harvesting year shines through this fruity, structured and complex champagne. It will fully blossom during the aperitif or during a meal.

Assembly :

  • Pinot Noir from the “Fioles” country
  • A touch of Chardonnay from the “Fioles” country (macerating)

Cuvées and vintages

Novelty at the end of 2015: Special Black Vintage cuvée

Maison Huguenot-Tassin – Celles-sur-Ource - Nos cuvées This cuvée arose from a simple question: "what do we have to do so that a champagne develops the highest sharpness, the biggest complexity, the strongest length in mouth, to approach Excellency?" From this perspective, we selected our best Pinots noir. We used only the cuvée’s head which we converted into wine in the most absolute respect of the grapes’ quality. We raise it in our cellars during several years, until the wine reached its maturity. It can last up to 10 years.

This cuvée is an exception and in the respect for this idea, its elaboration is reserved only for the vintage wines which deserve it. Its case, an individual casket specifically created for this magnificent champagne, will receive the flask.

Assembly : Cuvée’s head of old Pinot Noir vines.

Special Black Vintage cuvée of 2009

Maison Huguenot-Tassin – Celles-sur-Ource - Nos cuvées "The grape harvest of 2009: very good maturity, perfect sanitary state."

We find these characteristics in the Special Black Vintage cuvée of 2009.

The nose is rich, with dried fruits, honey and small red berries smells. By letting it moderate and open a little, it exhales smells of yellow fruits and pastries.

In mouth, it is tightened, structured and long. It reveals aromas of dried fruits and red berries. A prolonged aeration reveals greedy aromas of pastries. It is the complex, rich and structured Vintage wine, that reached maturity quickly but that will know how to age still for numerous years.

To take advantage of the experience which is proposed to you, serve it a temperature of 10°C in wine-tasting glasses. Taste regularly to follow its evolution and so, appreciate all the facets of this gastronome's champagne.

Assembly : Cuvée’s head of old Pinot Noir vines.

Pink candy Fioles

Maison Huguenot-Tassin – Celles-sur-Ource - Nos cuvées With 40 grams of sugar per liter of wine, this version of "rosé Fioles" is a real explosion of fruits and flavors. Its fruity nose is in agreement with the aromas of cherries and strawberries which develops the mouth. The balance is greedy and round, and it lets show through the freshness of this rosé of maceration.

Serve for dessert, it is a delight.

Orders, suggestions, professionals

To order our champagnes

Delivery in box of 6 bottles. Our prices include taxes and packaging. Adding bearing. Contact The House Huguenot-Tassin to know our price lists and to place an order.

Some advices to preserve your champagne

The champagne which we propose you is already aged in our cellars and ready to be consumed. Nevertheless, you can keep it 2 to 3 years without altering its quality. It is recommended to keep bottles laying down, shielded from the light and to avoid temperature differences.

Warning, our shipping are handed in good condition to the carrier, it is up to the addressee to make all the reserves at the time of the delivery in case of breakings, missing bottles or other damages.

Exclusively at our professional partners

Maison Huguenot-Tassin – Celles-sur-Ource - Nos cuvées

Signature cuvée

A fresh and fruity champagne, of a very beautiful length.

The very rare White Pinot brings its curvature and its freshness, in our very fine and structured Pinots noir. The aromas of citrus fruits and fresh white fruits support delicate aromas of dried fruits.




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